Transparent Waterproof shade cloth is made by coating HDPE woven material with an LDPE coating.The material is made to allow maximum sunlight through (approximately 85% transparency).Due to the high strength gained in the weave pattern of the material, it is very well suited for greenhouses/ hothouses especially in high wind area.
Even where plastic is used for the rooves of greenhouse tunnels, this woven transparent material can provide strong sides and ends for greenhouse structures.

This material is sewed into a fitted tent with zip up doors and shade cloth screen and window.

50%shade cloth is made from Knitted HDPE monofilament. Depending on the colour and density of the weave, it gives between 30% and a 50% shade factor.This material is commonly used by nurseries to cover; Display areas, Seedlings, Indoor plants, Pot plants, For agriculture to cover fruit-bearing vegetables and protect against harsh sun, insects and wind

At MiniPoli, The possibilities are almost endless. With options to fit your every urban agricultural need. We offer a variety of options in size and covering, customized to your specific growing needs.​

Find the MiniPoli that suits your needs now.

MiniPoli Tunnels are designed to be as big or small as your heart desires. A standard MiniPoli stands at 2.5m long, 2.2m wide and 1.95m high. with the option to connect as many units together to increase the length of your unique MiniPoli Grow Tunnel, depending on your personal growing needs.

MidiPoli, MaxiPoli and MegaPoli are under development at present.

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